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S11.14 “Life/Death” on Mixcloud

👉 The Older you get, the more serious Life and Death seems to become… More people fade away, pass away. Sometimes after sickness, sometimes all of sudden. Either way it’s not easy to process the death of people that you are somehow ‘connected with’. It’s a true pain when realizing you won’t receive anymore e-mail […]

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Spacemusic 11.13 From Within

The wind and the engines causing a true sound phenomenon that interludes today’s mix of extreme laid-back tracks… Musical contributions by Steve Roach, Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader, Johan Agebjörn, OVOD, Nihoni, Sensitize, Andrew Heath and 3six.net.

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Spacemusic 11.7 M87 Black Hole

Can you hear the birds? … Can you hear the sea? …  FREE MIXCLOUD STREAM | Today we grab the mic and go for a walk. It’s Paradise here! It’s all green, blue, turquoise and more. Contradiction: episode inspired by the first-ever direct image of a black hole in the M87 galaxy (Messier 87). This […]

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