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S11.14 “Life/Death” on Mixcloud

👉 The Older you get, the more serious Life and Death seems to become… More people fade away, pass away. Sometimes after sickness, sometimes all of sudden. Either way it’s not easy to process the death of people that you are somehow ‘connected with’. It’s a true pain when realizing you won’t receive anymore e-mail from the person that passed away, or the person who died will not be featured in a new series or movie anymore.

If Life is all about the renewal and refresh of the memory, than we have to take life more serious than ever! The Afterlife doesn’t mean that you ‘will be back’ in another life as the same person you are now. The Afterlife can refer to ‘you’ that is becoming another ‘you’ without the ‘knowing’ of the current ‘you’ that is ‘I’.


One thing is for sure: the music that scores today’s episode is likely to survive us all. Next generations will be able to listen to Spacemusic 11.14 and all included music even 100 years from now.

Musical contributions by: OKADA, Shrine, Pat Keista, Yotto ft CAPS, Bluetech, XPound, Yagya, Alpha Waves Movement, Master Margherita and Sensitize 🎧 Listening advise: take a chair, sit down, listen closely and absorb the energy.

Note: SUB frequencies included. Be careful at loud volumes!

for Peter F.

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