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YouTube: How We Create Spacemusic – part 3. (conclusion)

Let’s dive into the conclusion … what happens after we’ve recorded a podcast episode of Spacemusic? What steps before we can publish? There’s a lot going on and it’s much more than just ‘audio files’.

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If you have not watched part 1+2 yet, we advise to go watch these episodes first and then come back for the conclusion.

Watch part 1 here:

Watch part 2 here:

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✅ The music in this video is performed by:

TC (Sonofreq) – Atlantic Treasure – https://sonofreq.bandcamp.com/album/atlantic-treasure
Halcyon Hall – Space Sheep – https://halcyonhall.bandcamp.com/track/space-sheep
Massergy – Smote the Gray Sea – https://soundcloud.com/massergy/smote-the-gray-sea
Battery Dead – Liquid Light – https://batterydead.bandcamp.com/track/liquid-light
Alexel – Then You Came – https://alexel.bandcamp.com/track/then-you-came
Mosaik – Papilio – https://mosaik.se/track/papilio
Bruno Sanfilippo – Piano Textures 2 VI. https://brunosanfilippo.bandcamp.com/track/piano-textures-2-vi

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