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2020 will bring Change!

Hello Ambient Zone readers, visitors, members,

There’s a lot going on in the outside world. Maybe you’re staying home, maybe you’re wondering what will happen next. Well, to begin with: it’s not going to be easy. It’s not easy to recover after the world has been closed/locked down. And the worst is yet to come, some say. But don’t let this affect you and cause you to go down the negative spiral … As Life continues! We are humans and we want to survive!

Our advise? Try and stay calm. Try and focus on the good things in life. Send each other tweets, messages, e-mails, love and attention. Don’t forget there’s a large ONLINE WORLD in which we’re allowed to ‘shake hands’ with everyone! Maybe this is a chance to contact people that you’ve never contacted before! Maybe you will make new friends, new interesting channels that popup on your screen….

Another way to treat yourselves is to go and practice Yoga or Meditation. At least you have plenty time now to do it  – so no excuses 😉 When you do a bit of meditation, try and focus on your dreams, wishes, listen to your inner spirit, breathe deeply, disconnect from the World for a  few moments and extend these moments every day. And you know what will happen? You will sense a feeling of peace, rest, soothing atmosphere, as soon as you start forgetting about the news, the stress, the headlines. Try it! One has never died because of some meditation!

Personal note: two days ago I ended up in a panic situation in Cyprus. I was coughing like crazy, had breathing problems and started to feel very strange. I wondered what it was. I was afraid my visit to the local supermarket had made me ill ! As they told me in the news: ” be careful out there, you might catch the virus! ” , ” only go outside when it’s absolutely necessary! “. I only went for some milk, bread and vegetables. Was I the one to get punished now? … was I infected? Or was it all between my ears?

I felt asleep after hours of restless moments, coughing and feeling fear. The next day I woke up, entered the living room, fed my cats, there was this book lying on the table that I’d pulled out of the closet the night before. Written by Deepak Chopra, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Succes”. I started reading and … I’m still reading it. Fact: no coughing, no stress, not feeling sick at all. After reading for a while, I took the time to rest, do some meditation. And I definitely kept my smartphone switched off for the moment. But of course, this is only temporary procedure, one needs to face the facts.

But my friends, last night I’ve slept like a baby. There’s no panic. There’s more perspective. I can breathe better again. Do not – I repeat – do not underestimate the impact of a 24/7 negative news feed on your devices. Choose if you need to. I needed the rest. But everyone’s different. Disconnect for some time if you need to. Tune in later again.

So … stay well, focussed and breathe, please!
Do not get scared all the time. Take your rest as well.

This is temporary.  But not without consequences.
The Coronavirus will not leave our planet.

We’ll all have to find new ways of living with it.



On last thing; I was notified about this video with a very interesting view by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. So here’s the links for you.

(!) This is not about a Corona hoax or conspiracy theory. It only shows us what’s happening, it’s based on facts and statistics.


Small update: I have removed the links and the mention of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg as the amount of information that came to me the last couple of days really changed my vision drastically. It’s no longer about ‘panic’ or ‘percentages’ anymore. It’s about us –  as humans – how we’re going to stay strong and survive the current situation. Now and in the Future.   ~TC

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