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the Magic that is called: Ambient


Having a chat with someone, working your way through paperwork or administrations, decorating your house just before Christmas, meeting friends in a bar, shopping in the Mall looking for specific clothes….. You can think of many situations where music could be present in the background, via a public audio system or the streaming service you listen to at home. Suddenly you realize you hear this tune… and it’s great!

“What is it? Wow!… I know that tune somehow, it’s a Deja-Vu! Wanna have some more… it feels so good!”

Ambient Music has the power to ‘melt’ with the environment, to become one with the scene you’re in, the magic happens when the actor in that scene – YOU – becomes aware of the music. Your brain suddenly tells you about it… Surprise! Ambient can be overwhelming, heart warming, moving, even till tears. Don’t be alarmed. Be happy instead. Someone can experience the actual moment much more intense as the music boosts the scene! Who needs pills anyway? Ambient Music can be consumed without negative side effects. It’s pure and honest. Without any doubt the best ‘drug’ you can think of….

// TC //



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    Hi TC,

    Great to hear your new Cyprus adventures. After many years of great Spacemusic episodes and your steps into the workd of ambient, I’m glad you’re still alive & kicking! At the moment at Italy with on my ears ‘2nd live’. It just merges into everything! Keep on going the good work!!

    Greetings from a sunny Arcevia!


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    TC, your musical magic has stood me through miles and miles of distance running. I get lost in the music and forget that I’m running. And that’s a good thing! Glad to have you back!

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    Hi, dear TC, my friend:

    This is Cano (ZC) from China, remember me? I was one of the very first listeners to your Spacemusic podcast back in 2005. 12 years past, wow, there were lots of ups and downs in our lives. Once when you were in vacation, Spacemusic fans had no show for the week, so I mixed a knock-off Spacemusic show and you didn’t sue me. Lol. In 2008, my living provence in China had a very serious earthquake and you created a special edition podcast for it which touched my heart deeply. You are such a wonderful person. Now I have been living in Japan more than 8 years and got married and got 2 kids. And I quit my lawyer’s job in China and start a new life in Japan. When I looked back, you definitely are one of the most influential persons in my 43-year-life. Thank you, TC. You brought a lot of peace into my life. Your silky voices are always in my brain, that’s ambient music and a healing pill to me as well. I missed your shows since the Spacemuaic podcast stopped, now I found your new project and I will stay tuned with you again, my friend. God bless you, TC. Hope I can visit you in Cyprus one day.


    Cano (ZC)

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    Good morning TC –

    I was one of your first listeners back in the hectic summer of 2005. My wife and I lived in London that year and amongst the bombs and frenzy of The Ashes cricket competition your podcast (and Dave’s Lounge) stood out as the best look into the future on the web, by a long distance.

    Those podcasts in season #1 still sound great, mostly because they’re not commercial and you sound so fresh and enthusiastic. The Soundseeing episode Oude-Maas will be ten years old this summer; it’s my all time favourite podcast.

    Like Michael B, I really enjoyed the last 2 episodes of Spacemusic. Very nicely done indeed.

    Dave’s still going strong. I hope you have every success too with Ambient Zone.


    Mark McFarland
    Hong Kong

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    Hi TC!

    Greetings for New jersey, USA! I have been a listener to your podcasts for many years now – I started way back in 2006 – and I have always loved working to them. I’m a UX designer now, but back in 2006 I was a UI Designer. I have too many associated memories with your podcasts to list here, but I am so thankful for every one. I can listen to them and remember where I was working when I first heard it 🙂

    Anyway, I’m so glad to see you’re branching out to a streaming site. Good luck with this project – I will be listening and enjoying every minute. BTW, I loved your final espisodes of the podcast – Part 1 & Part 2. They were brilliant mixes. Really good stuff. They brought back such memories.

    Thanks you again for all you do for the Ambient music field.


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    Wow! TC lives on. After 10 years of Spacemusic, I’m happy to hear of your next project. Bon Chance with it, and I’ll be faithfully listening.

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    I found you! I am onboard tje “TC” ship to Ambience.

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    TC ~

    I’m with you again! Glad you have morphed into the next level of Ambient-essence! We’re here to enjoy, assist, and SUPPORT!


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    I am soooo thankful that you are not ‘gone’ from the music realm. I was so saddened to hear that Spacemusic was ending…but then, to find you here in phase 2 of your musical gift-giving to the free world…I’m so excited to hear the future of AMBIENT.

    Austin, Texas

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    Hi TC,

    it’s good to see you again without any large break after Spacemusic 🙂

    I’m looking forward to the Ambient.Zone.


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    Great, TC and his unique voice is still on air – wow! I will be onboard.

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