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This is it. Not going anywhere.

Hi friends in our Ambient Zone, Hope you’re well.  Hope you’re healthy. My advise is : stay healthy as long as possible  – specifically in the brain. Keep thinking, clearly! In case you have not noticed yet , there’s a Coronavirus Outbreak going on and I have something to share with you.

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Heat Wave

The image says it all folks … It’s June and Summer is out of control already! Yesterday a 39C (102.2F) on the display. No studio time then. This morning I was able to record the new mix for Spacemusic 11.12  – Do not ask me how I did it, it’s very difficult to focus under […]

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the Magic that is called: Ambient

Having a chat with someone, working your way through paperwork or administrations, decorating your house just before Christmas, meeting friends in a bar, shopping in the Mall looking for specific clothes….. You can think of many situations where music could be present in the background, via a public audio system or the streaming service you […]

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