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This is it. Not going anywhere.

Hi friends in our Ambient Zone,

Hope you’re well.  Hope you’re healthy.
My advise is : stay healthy as long as possible  – specifically in the brain. Keep thinking, clearly!

In case you have not noticed yet , there’s a Coronavirus Outbreak going on and I have something to share with you.

UPDATE 2020-03-15 – Prohibition of entry to any citizen – regardless of nationality – unless living in Cyprus, working or attending educational institutions. All people arriving in Cyprus must self-isolate for 14 days, except for those coming from Italy, Iran, South Korea and Hubei province in China who will be quarantined.


Some countries suffer more than others but in general, we can see the figures go rise very quickly now. The total amount of cases – during the writing of this post – is app. 140,000 cases / 5,000 deaths. Europe now being the so called ‘Epicentre’ of Covid_19.

In Cyprus – where I live – the President will speak to us tonite and we’re expecting serious measures that will have a big impact on our daily lives, and also for people that need to travel to Cyprus. Measures that already have been taken, just to name a few, schools have been closed, public services centres are closed, flights from more countries are banned etc. Fingers crossed, one more hour before president Nicos Anastasiades will go live.

President Nicos Anastasiades

Meanwhile, the news online is getting serious. If not – out of control. Daily life is starting to become difficult in Europe. I’ve even seen tweets that showed pictures with empty shelves in grocery stores. These are the same stores where this is normally out of the question! It seems to me that more and more people are losing it ánd  logistics are simply not prepared for such behaviour. Panic is starting to show, can I blame them? There’s a negative news feed 24/7 on our mobiles, TV’s and radios. Goodness. This does something to the mind.

I have decided to cancel my trip to The Netherlands, instead of waiting two or three days before my departure. I can cancel now and I will do it now, taking for granted the money I’ve spent on the ticket..  it will most likely be gone forever.

I feel sorry that I have to but, chances are minimal that I can fly off to NL without any problems on the 31st of March. It’s a fact I will arrive in a country that will look a bit like a war zone… Returning to Cyprus will either be totally restricted or require at least self-Isolation for 14 days or longer when I arrive on the island. Both options do not entertain me at all 😉

So this is it. Coronavirus in the year 2020. What a bummer!
Let’s pray for better times ahead my friends!

I’m not going anywhere.
I will keep you informed.


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    thanks so much for all you do and maintaining the calm in the storm. Spacemusic is an amazing thing, i wished everyone appreciated it and as passionate as you and the listeners. i agree with your thoughts. the constant “mood” being propagated in the 24 hour news cycle lately is insane, especially here in the U.S.. it wears on me as i’m sure as it does most. keep being awesome in Cyprus and please please keep the music coming.

    • TC

      Thanks for your comment Davey, wishing you all strength and positive thoughts from inner-space. Stay well!

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