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Heat Wave

Heat wave Cyprus June 2019The image says it all folks … It’s June and Summer is out of control already!

Yesterday a 39C (102.2F) on the display. No studio time then. This morning I was able to record the new mix for Spacemusic 11.12  – Do not ask me how I did it, it’s very difficult to focus under these conditions. There’s a lot of Zennnnnn involved here 🙂

Of course there’s an AC in the house. There’s three! But the only AC that keeps the bills within the affordable range, is the Inverter AC in the bedroom. So I improvised a bit. The other AC in the studio is not cooling well, absorbs way too much electricity and it makes a lot of noise. It has to be removed and changed for a new Inverter type.

I’ve asked my agent, and she’s asking the landlords. If the Landlords say ‘No’ the consequences will be not so good. It might even mean that I will need to leave this house. But if we have a deal, I will stay at least another year! I even offered to contribute in finance for a new AC. Come on! Say Yes!

Spacemusic 11.12 release date? I hope within a couple of days but unfortunately I can’t promise this time. Shows are produced on the main computer, standing in the studio. The weather is having a great effect on everything. Even the Cypriots are surprised about these high temperatures during this time of the year.

Speak soon!


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    great episode TC!


    • TC

      …the ‘AC’ you mean? Or show 11.12 ..? It succeeded pretty well, thanks! And we’ve only just begun, plenty more heat on it’s way.

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