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Morning all!

Sunny and clear blue sky this morning  – got out of bed around 06.00 , 22C outside (!) had breakfast and recorded a few videos on the beach. Quite an amount of people out there already, doing their daily exercises and some fishermen enjoying the calm sea.

While having a nice Frappé back in the studio, I am checking the social media platforms that we have, after a few updates that I uploaded and created yesterday. Our Ambient Zone FB page now has a new cover, what do you think?

Facebook: new cover photo mentioning our podcasts and how to connect with Ambient Zone …

The funny thing is,  it turns out this landing page – called ‘CONNECT’ – is something we did not have before but is a welcome new feature!  These days people need some kind of a ‘Beacon’ from where they can decide which links/topics to visit. In the beginning (when the Earth was still flat…) a website was sufficient. But not anymore folks!

So here it is – the Ambient Zone ‘CONNECT’ page. For instance you will find this link in our Instagram bio and it’s now mentioned on the cover of Facebook as well. If you would like to guide people to us, feel free and share the link with them:  https://ambient.zone/connect The more the better.

🧐 ” why is there a service like Linktree anyway? … “

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