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Creation started …

Monday November 11th 2019 – the creation of Spacemusic 11.21 has started. Next up: setting up the Tracklist including the links to all the fantastic music in this new Episode. This is done before the show is recorded.

Actually, it all started last week when I matched tracks and did the recording of the LIVE mix. So in fact the Nonstop®edition is ready for publishing. This is where tons of DJ’s and creators out there stop: they upload the mix and that’s it. New show. Done.

Hmm. Let’s go a bit deeper shall we?

Spacemusic 11.21 will be ‘built around the mix’, we’ll talk a bit about things that happened the last 2 weeks, how I found old tapes and started playing those tapes again, about Nicosia last weekend, the city where I once worked for a company and how my life in Cyprus got started, about new releases that we can expect on highly important labels, my thoughts about this, cup of coffee, cats in the house and thinking about my next trip to Holland in December….


There’s a lot more going on than ‘just the mix’ my friends!
And you will be able and experience all this very soon …. stay tuned for Spacemusic 11.21 


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