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Double LP but not

How you can recognise crazy times?…. when double albums are released on vinyl and you find side A,B and C to have content and side D to be empty/unplayable. The most stupid way of releasing 2xLP in my opinion.

Have found such items, like “Amazonia” by Jean-Michel Jarre, “Collections from the Whiteout” by Ben Howard and the upcoming new release by Anouk “Deena & Jim”. Side D is empty and can even be tricky: if it’s unplayable it means there’s no groove printed. Imagine putting the stylus on the record at night , trying to play side D….

Have artists become scared of putting at least some sound on side D ?
Why release double vinyl if there ain’t enough songs?

Crazy times!


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  • Hope you aren’t paying for 2 albums but only getting 1.5 Albums. If you are, sounds like a money-making scheme.

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