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Money for ‘Control’

Ambient Zone * FUND RAISER  * FEB 2020

Keep sending your donations – please 🙏🏻

* UPDATE 2020-04-15 I‘ve decided to save the money that is being donated. I will not invest in a ‘controller’ at this moment in time. I’m will save, let it grow and invest later. ‘After the world has gone back to normal’ is probably a good description of the situation. Of course, you can still donate and help me to raise money here. Thank you!

* UPDATE 2020-03-09 Thank You – to those that have supported me so far! If you see this post for the first time, do know that you can still help me raising money to invest in a professional controller for the podcast/music production studio. Cheers!

* UPDATE 2020-03-06 Not done yet! .. 😃 New donations coming in! 🙏🏻 THANK YOU Ted, Jeff for your help!
Pool money is now  ~ €250

* UPDATE 2020-03-05 Looks like the campaign is done?.. Not enough yet (you can still donate!)  We’ll save the money and postpone our ‘control’ investment. Big Thanks Roman, Gijs and Chris for your donations!

* UPDATE 2020-03-02 We have funds here! We’ve received donations by 3 Patrons.
Bless you guys !  Fantastic!

Hi guys!

I ‘d like to ask your attention for the following ; in my studio I record all the podcasts I create in Ableton LIVE (Spacemusic, The Lab, Scanner etc).  During the recordings I use a lot of ‘automation’ to level all the volumes and to play with volumes during show recording,  talking, the commercials, snippets, effects etc…..

In the old days, I’d grab a fader of my hardware mixing console and move things up/down. Convenient! These days I have to move the software fader with my mouse and record ‘automation’ data or draw lines to achieve the results. Pretty intense. Not too handy. And a ‘RSI’ sensitive job as well.

External hardware controllers can do the job too. Sure! But, the problems are 1. Ableton LIVE 10 has this crazy bug, causing ‘automation’ data to jump back to previous values when overdubbing! Even using the ‘Push 2’ is a nightmare and not meant to take care of it. (Ableton knows about the automation bug, it’s on their to-do-list. Already for 4 months by the way. They are working on it still). And 2: not every controller device is real progress! Not every device can read and write automation from / into the DAW in a pleasant way. The cheaper ‘couple of bucks’ controllers that I’ve tried , made no sense in the end unfortunately.

I’m talking about real-time 100% control of my recording system. Last but not least: compatible with large hands and fingers 🙂  Bless me for having them, haha!

 The show must go on!…

Before I end up having serious injuries that are RSI related , because of using the mouse all the time, before I end up with all kinds of ‘workarounds’ using a ‘cheaper’ controller device that delivers just not the desired results for the podcast…  it’s time for action, regardless of which DAW I will use: ( I am adding Logic Pro X as we speak )

A Professional DAW controller, for Ableton LIVE / Logic Pro X.
– having faders, rotary knobs and control buttons that are simply made for this job!

I need money to purchase such a device.
The minimum amount I need is app. € 150 – € 200,- Details below.

⭐️First goal: € 200,- sufficient for a fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized fader desktop controller with Jog/Shuttle wheel (transport), rotary control, illuminated buttons for direct access of key functions in the DAW. Works with Ableton Live, Logic Pro X.

⭐️⭐️ Second goal: € 400,- sufficient for a controller with 9 fully automated and touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders, multiple rotary controls, multiple LED meters, suitable for podcast and pro-music productions in the end. More power, more control , but twice the price.

Want to buy me a beer, or two?
Now is the time 🙂

We’re not focussing on beer but on control.
Every amount counts and will be of great help!

How to:

Please visit https://www.paypal.me/ambientzone and fill in the amount you’d like to donate 👍

I will keep you (personally) posted about this fund raiser via the Ambient Zone site (Latest), e-mail and Patreon platform. I will dedicate an entire episode of The Lab and talk about ‘control’ in the recording process. When we’ve raised enough money to purchase… we will celebrate, OK?

Thank You for your support!



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