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First Flight 2021 – Thank You TC!

It’s not every day we receive such an amazing video: as a way of saying “Thank You TC”. Absolute stunning to fly with pilot Chris la Berge today! Watch this video and you’ll agree: the Spacemusic podcast inspires 🙂

Pilot: Chris la Berge
Flight Log: 1-3-21

// Flight date and time 1-3-2021 from 2pm to 6pm central time. The flight was from Georgetown Texas USA KGTU to just outside of Brenham Texas USA R11 most of the footage was shot between Taylor Texas and Granger Texas on January 3rd 2021. The weather that day was what pilots call severe clear winds from a compass heading of 270 and less than 5 knots and 10 miles visibility with zero clouds in the sky and an air temp of 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 12.8 degrees Celsius //

Music in this video:

[00:09] – Shift by HYDRA COIL
[02:21] – Ale (original) by MUUI
[04:10] – Stay with me by OSCURO

BIG THANKS Chris la Berge (Patron of Ambient Zone) for recording this footage during your first flight in 2021!
We love it, we look FWD to more videos like this!

// Ambient Zone //

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