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Heat, Dust, Focus

Hi friends! Hope you’re well. Small update from CY – where the heatwave is at the MAX today, already 40C around 10:00AM this morning and still rising. I think we might very well hit 44C this afternoon. Wanna bet?….. đŸ¤ª

Besides the Heat, the Dust is a thing at the moment; high concentrations coming from places we don’t wanna be but we’re living close to. It’s all about  readings of PM10 and PM2.5 being far too high for a healthy environment. The funny thing is, it’s mentioned on several news sites all of sudden. How ’bout all those times we had very high concentrations over the last 3 years but not seeing any warnings online?… Perhaps it’s a new step: WARNING us. Perhaps it’s the last ‘push’ this island needs to change the way of life and protect our climate and nature. I hope so. Cyprus in 2001 was a clean paradise compared to it’s state these days. Something I had not seen coming.

In the studio it’s a very pleasant airconditioned* vibe, keeping also an eye on the cats in another room, they’re asleep and seem ok. I will focus on the new Spacemusic podcast 12.10 and search for the best tracks … watch this space!


UPDATE 2020-05-24 – This.. Heat.. Is… OVER! Finally, temperatures dropped after an insane week. We’re at 22C as we speak, that’s a 20 degrees drop, we call this crazy times. Forecast upcoming week: rising till 27C on Wednesday, which is near normal for this time of year in CY.

*) without AC in Cyprus, you can’t live!

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  • TC

    Last Tuesday has been ‘hell’ – never experienced such an oven, in that oven was the house – cats had their own AC in the bedroom, in the studio the other AC to keep the brain sane. The AC in the living room malfunctions. Landlord so far has responded not to help … Note : Landlords are obliged to maintain/fix electric appliances as in the house at the start of the agreement. That’s the law. Plus one can’t live in Cyprus without a proper working AC. Child even knows that. Not sure what the final outcome is going to be but we stick to the plan: fix or replace. And before the real summer arrives pls.

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