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How the Mixcloud model works?

Ever wondered how the Mixcloud Select revenue model works?
So did we! And so we started following the money …

The model:

” The creator gets 60% of what’s left every month from everyone who subscribes to them “

” The other 40% goes to Mixcloud, so we can invest it back into the platform and keep things running– administering our licenses, building the website and the apps, hosting the audio, paying our rent, etc. “

Source: mixcloud.com / https://tinyurl.com/vpkjjs8

At the end of the day, there’s this question that we think is only fair to ask: since when are Creators being charged for the Mixcloud rent, app and website maintenance? And do our fans realise that 18% of their pledges gets to us – the Creator? *


Well, now you know.

*) Note: the currency conversion/bank fees – they take their part (again) at the end of the chain which is not showing in the flowchart.

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