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Lucid Dreams Remastered

Lucid Dreams Series


” During lucid dreams, the sleeper is aware a dream is taking place but will not leave the dream state “


September 17: 
Lucid Dreams Volume 1 – ft. Off the Sky, The Orb, Lomov, SGNL FLTR, JLO, Mortesium, Mistrial, Blamstrain, Chronolux, The Circular Ruins.

Special Programming:
During our move from Cyprus to Holland the entire Lucid Dreams series will hit the station! For this occasion the original mixes have been remastered using 24-bit professional processing. They sound AMAZING! Perfect for your own dream sessions, all episodes come in nonstop format. Available for members and patrons in both mp3 and enhanced aac w/ chapters. Did we mention there’s track lists included ? 🎶 💙 🎶



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  • Hope the move is going well. Looking forward to 09/17/21 or as it’s done in Europe 17/09/21. I pray the cats made the move without too much stress. You’re the best T.C.!

    • Lots of things and preps 😺 Cats go first, TC couple weeks thereafter. We’re talking November when all this is done. Studio/equipment takes a month shipping time. Patience is key. Meanwhile, Lucid Dreams will hit the station for hours and hours of entertainment for members and patrons 🙂 so you guys have no clue what is going on, hahaha! Peace. ~TC.

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