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Migration: Go!

Hi everyone, just a small update about the migration of our site. All systems are ‘GO’ for the migration tomorrow, september 11th 2019. Starting from the early morning hours ( 08:00 EEST) you will experience downtime / maintenance notifications. This happens to Ambient.Zone site and all of the Membership RSS feeds.

Though the RSS feeds will probably be offline for a minimum amount of time, the site can be offline a few hours longer (min. 2-4 hours in Europe). Visitors from countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia etc. will experience a longer downtime, anything between 4- 24 hours, sometimes even 48 hours.

Our main goal: getting our site back online in one piece, including all memberships subscriptions. We’re taking all the time we need without rushing things or skipping important data.

Thank you for understanding and your patience.

=> Update 2019-09-11 / 18:05 EEST
  *** Looks like we’re here!

An incredible and difficult migration to say the least. Absolutely nerve wracking; everything that could go wrong, went wrong. With the help of 3 computers,  lots of coffee, necessary breaks and thinking moments and the AC switched on for sure  …. we have come very, very far. It’s not perfect (admin talking here) as small tiny details have become different but I guess we’ll have to live with it !

It’s an older WordPress Theme that we’re using, adjusted over the years, no longer officially supported. Not the reason why the migration took that long but one of many reasons why the backup software is having a hard time packing/unpacking the site in the same way. And our new hosting company  has their htaccess / Apache configured slightly different so we had to rewrite our security and redirect codes. All of them, testing one by one.

edit: or this backup software Duplicator is simply not working for our situation?

On top of all is the Membership software. Without going into much details,  it has been a true challenge getting the Ambient Zone site back as it was. Though you would think it’s just a ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ of the site …..  😳 No way, took me 8 hours plus a lengthy Propagation Time that was initiated 20 hours ago 💤

✅ But the GOOD news is: we’re here on another server, based in Amsterdam, and its working! All good.

Time for a glass of wine…
Please send an e-mail or post comments if there’s anything funny going on (for sure …)

// admin //

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