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MIX: Spring


Listen… It’s the sound of the heart, the sound of Spring. Time to go outside! This mix offers birds, bees, flowers, trees and lots of fresh sounds for you to explore. How typical what Spring does to us, some even say that Spring is the only season Big Steps are taken…. What are you waiting for? Jump! (in Dutch language: “Spring!”)


  • [00:00]  Of An Uncertain Mythos (Broken Stars … ) – Numina/Zero Ohms
  • [04:22]  All Green Seasons (Mountain High) – Vibrasphere
  • [10:28]  Magic Air (Evolve) – Setsuna
  • [14:52]  Path XVII (Labyrinth 3) – Pete Namlook & Lorenzo Montaná
  • [20:36]  Secrets Of The Treasure House of Stars (Broken Stars…) – Numina/Zero Ohms
  • [23:50]  Nanites (Comfortable Void) – SYNC24
  • [30:10]  Tide of the Opposition Moon (Life Flows Water) – Howard Givens/Craig Padilla
  • [36:37]  Spring (The 4 Seasons) – Pete Namlook
  • [51:02]  Celestial Glossolalia (Third Voyage) – Thought Guild


Spring by // Tc // on Mixcloud

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