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Mixcloud: S12.12 Best Served Chilled


Hello and welcome to a new episode of Spacemusic, episode 12 in Season 12, bringing a variety of very talented musicians in the electronica/chill-out genre!

Best Served Chilled includes performances by Polar Moon, Apollo North, Lauge, Resilience, Liminal Drifter, California Storm, Ian Boddy, Drøn, Dino Pacifici, Between Interval, Manne Skafvenstedt.

With the super-power inverter on the wall, life has become much better now in Cyprus ; finally we can get out of our studios and have a good time in the living / lounge area. Imported technology offering COOL circumstances – a must-have in this climate.

Have a wonderful listening experience and a safe flight!

// ambient zone //

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