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Mixcloud: S12.9 EARTH 2.0


(Original Air Date: 2020-05-15) – Here’s a show fully dedicated to our planet: the one and only home place in need of recovery … still in ‘Lockdown’ situation we wonder: would it be a good thing to go ‘back to normal’ ? How ‘normal’ was it exactly? Air quality is improving world-wide as we speak … walking and doing exercises comes with more oxygen these days. And oxygen as we know has the power to heal and keep us in good condition. So why would we choose to go back to times before the virus outbreak? When we really pushed the limits beyond comprehension?

EARTH 2.0 – A Healthy Life requires a Healthy Environment. The soundtrack is provided by Applefish, FluXus, Eguana, Nicholas Gunn, Blue Is Nine, Arctubulae, AES Dana, Off Land, Michael Brückner, Rudy Adrian.

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