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Mixcloud: S13.10 Cosmic Forces


When everything comes together … the best music, greatest artists, sounds that impress, vibes that will last forever. Outstanding releases here! Welcome to your number one ambient station for a new adventurous Journey.

“Cosmic Forces” is a magical (deep) mix of ambient, downtempo, experimental, chill-out and space music. Artists : Trajedesaliva, The Irresistible Force, Isostatic, Brannan Lane, Astropilot, Martin Stürtzer, Klangstein, Thomas Lemmer, Polar Moon, R1B2, Magnus Murel, Forest Robots.

Make sure to listen on a good sound system / use high quality headphones. There’s ingredients that you otherwise won’t hear or feel. File under: Atmospheric – when you need space.

Compiled, arranged, mixed, recorded, edited, processed & finalised by *TC*

This station is listener supported ;

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