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Mixcloud: S13.13 Awareness


[ orig. air date : 2021-07-14 ] This show starts without coffee … Thirteen point thirteen is a tool for anyone who is open to this. Things we hear and see don’t necessarily have to conform to the truth. Becoming aware of ourselves and what is going on has never hurt anyone. Dive into this soundtrack …

Featuring: Manne Skafvenstedt, Cosmic Cadence, Spacecraft, Fallen, Ambiente Solstice, Seifert & Steinbuechel, Nigel Mullaney, Jazzy System, Erik Wøllo, Soundset City, Anna B. May

” Gradually you will recognize (or not), unravel and deal with it. Call it re-thinking”

*** This is the 85th show since the re-launch with season 10. Let it sink in for a moment. .. Free listening is nice but can’t keep us going. If you don’t support us yet, may I ask you to do so as of today? ~TC

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