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Musicians: submitting your music


It’s great to see that you’re sending your albums, tracks, EP’s and even unreleased material … Ambient, Chillout, Electronic, Downtempo, Soundtrack, Drone, Space, Experimental, Modular, Soundscapes, Dreamscapes, Chillscapes … please find your way to our ears and submit your work by clicking the button below. Chances are you will be up on the Spacemusic podcast or the Scanner podcast!



Of course I’d like to personally answer all your e-mails but …. It’s simply impossible! It would take hours every day … Please know that when your work is going to be played you will notice in the announcements on our Social Media ( Instagram and Facebook ) and our site / show notes ~TC

Make sure we can ‘tag’ and ‘mention’ your account on social media = the best way to find out if your music will be played! Feel free to repost/share/retweet and let everybody know about it 🙂 

⚠️ As always – links to your album(s) on Bandcamp or other stores will be printed in the show notes and in the RSS feeds. Podcasts are available on Ambient Zone, Patreon, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and Mixcloud.

We hope this will generate traffic for you! (we know it does)

Any questions? Send a DM on Instagram for instance – the best way to contact Ambient Zone directly.



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