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New Scanner episode : the joy of equipment

It has been a month since the last Scanner podcast, so yes …. a new episode will be posted tomorrow! While the cat’s having fresh water in our kitchen ( still ‘cool’ in the house ), I’m creating the agenda for today: the recording of the video as the most important ingredient.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been spending a lot of time on equipment and software. Using the OBS software for the LIVE video recordings, I noticed there were a few video ‘glitches’ here and there in the previous edition of the Scanner podcast. Not that it was very disturbing but something told me it had to do with the old iMac. Therefore I’ve installed OBS and Ableton LIVE now on the dedicated ‘video editing’ Mac Mini. And that came with a few plugin things that took a lot of time sorting out.

To keep it short: the Mac Mini is now ready for recording and processing any new podcast episode, it has become the ‘same’ kind of workstation as my iMac. The great benefit: we’re now talking 6-core processor, fully SSD and faster internal 8GB RAM. In plain English: this is more the standard these days to fulfil all needs during simultaneous audio and video capturing.

🎥 The new Scanner podcast puts the spotlight on Andrew Heath, composer and performer from the UK. This guy is truly phenomenal! If I may say so: if you’re looking for new works by Brain Eno for instance, stop searching and go play Andrew’s music. They sound super chill and certainly, Brian and Andrew share this quiet, minimal , low-case ambient style.

My intention is to ‘introduce’ our listeners to Andrew Heath, playing the music that got me introduced to his work. The style of ambient that fascinates me : a perfect combination of electronics, acoustics and ‘found sounds’.

Prepare for a great new episode of the podcast, it will be released on Ambient Zone, Patreon and Youtube (video edition), 21 August. Also notice our social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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