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S13.25 Crystal Ball

Christmas Day 2021 – Special edition of the Spacemusic podcast. Feeling blessed to play this one hour magical soundtrack – tunes that fill the room and your heart with positive energy.

Featuring: Kalte, Motionfield, Erik Wøllo, Kiphi, Forest Robots, Laroth, Thrupence, Martin Stürtzer, Monoide, Andrew Heath, Mark Seelig.

Crystal Ball … we’re looking forward to the new year 2022. Based on skills, passion, will & power. New things to explore and build upon. Ambient Zone is called ‘ambient’ for a reason, something we’re going to explore even further and meet the crucial reality that makes us who we are. Exploring new frequencies means perceiving the options instead of restrictions.

One more thing : In our minds we are with everyone who has supported us in what we’ve done over the past year. The appreciation and thanks for that are unprecedented! Ambient Zone wishes you good health and common sense. Thank you all for your belief in our ‘electronic formula’  and we ( I – as in TC ) hope to be able and greet you again in the new year and to play insanely good music and sounds which you can enjoy all year round! Happy New Year! 🎇


0:00:00 – This is Spacemusic 13.25 : Christmas Day episode!
0:01:44 – Coleoptera – KALTE
0:04:00 – Without Wind – MOTIONFIELD
0:06:53 – Stargazers – ERIK WØLLO
0:14:05 – After World – KIPHI
0:18:13 – Even Unaligned, Topographies are Still Connected – FOREST ROBOTS
0:21:41 – Aetherium’s Neural Machine – LAROTH ( voice over )
0:23:42 – Heal – THRUPENCE
0:25:45 – Autumnal Equinox – MARTIN STÜRTZER
0:28:31 – Local Subdivision – MONOIDE (Christmas RMX by TC)
0:36:17 – Cyanotype City – ANDREW HEATH
0:39:46 – Nothing Forever – ANDREW HEATH
0:51:33 – Sunset Meditation – MARK SEELIG



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