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S14.8 Non~Stop

“The World Belongs to Us” as the opening for today’s show … magic melodics created by Thomas Lemmer, beautiful vocals, warm chords and a super deep bassline immediately puts your brain on the right mode! A super cool new album from Forest Robots takes us through mountains, along rivers, across wide fields, under the Supermoon… you’ve never heard something so beautiful before, “ Supermoon Moonlight part II” will be released September 2nd on SubExotic Records and you can hear it already on the Spacemusic podcast! 

Further releases include: Andrew Heath, Taiyo Rey, The Expanding Universe, Ian Boddy, Jim Otttaway, Ambiente Solstice, Yagya, NLE, Fluxus, All India Radio.

Tune in for Non~Stop ambient & electronica in one go …. pure entertainment for all people while traveling, hiking, sightseeing or in horizontal position. Compiled, mixed, processed & finalized by TC. Available in various formats, free listening and support plans. Enjoy Spacemusic 14.8 “Non~Stop” 🎶



0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 14.8
0:02:05 – Signals and Beacons – ANDREW HEATH
0:02:38 – The World Belongs to Us – THOMAS LEMMER
0:05:52 – Somewhere in the Early Morning Forest Mist – FOREST ROBOTS
0:10:14 – Of Embers Warmth the Long Forgotten Memories – FOREST ROBOTS
0:12:47 – The Message – TAIYŌ REY
0:19:17 – Percipience – THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE
0:22:15 – From Here to There – IAN BODDY
0:29:34 – Lost World – JIM OTTAWAY
0:33:44 – Dreams Aloft – AMBIENTE SOLSTICE
0:37:45 – We Lose Ourselves – YAGYA
0:44:10 – Black Bird – N:L:E
0:50:56 – Three – FLUXUS
0:52:14 – Final Transmission – ALL INDIA RADIO
0:53:04 – Doomsday Machine – ALL INDIA RADIO





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