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S15.08 The Dream Machine

After my arrival back in Holland things went bad. Issues with fever, throat, muscles, pain and a lot of sleep. An insane amount of sleep! Have experienced flu in the past but this time the shit really hit the fan. Could not keep my eyes open longer than a minute orso, boom back to sleep. But with fever past 39C .. thoughts, dreams and visions become a bit distorted. So tiring. After 4 days the fever stopped. Thank God! Soon after I got out of bed, the next family member was down. Mum had picked it up as well. In short : we’re here but we’re not there yet! Fighting a virus that needs no name, feeding our bodies with natural boosters, care and a lot of patience.

As soon as I could accept music coming into my ears again – believe me , this took time – I started collecting tracks for a new podcast. Show 15.08 is a wonderful ‘Dream Machine’ type of listen, playing music pretty much in a nonstop mode. I could not do a LIVE recording at this time. I want you to focus on the tunes and go out there and support the wonderful artists!

Featuring: Aaron Marshall, Eleon, John Gregorius, Sean O’Bryan Smith, Jim Ottaway, Nathan Speir, N:L:E, Kiphi, Blue is Nine, John Reidar Holmes, Orbital Patterns, Off Land, Johan Agebjörn, Spacecraft.

Feedback at Ambient dot Zone 4 anything you want to say or mention … thank you for being here, stay well, enjoy life, the max!

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0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 15.08
0:02:59 – Beckoning into the Moonlight – AARON MARSHALL
0:04:13 – Thunderclouds Ahead – ELEON ft J. GREGORIUS & S. SMITH
0:07:55 – Many Different Suns  – JIM OTTAWAY
0:13:41 – Sitting on a Saturn Ring – NATHAN SPEIR
0:17:51 – Floating Orbs – N:L:E & Kiphi
0:25:08 – Edge of the World – BLUE IS NINE
0:26:56 – The Road Less Traveled – BLUE IS NINE
0:31:16 – In The Spring Came The New Rain – J.R. HOLMES
0:33:48 – Utah – ORBITAL PATTERNS
0:35:01 – Tangential Sky – OFF LAND
0:36:41 – Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon – JOHAN AGEBJÖRN
0:40:52 – Forever the Horizon – ELEON
0:47:01 – Coming Home – ELEON ft J. GREGORIUS & S. SMITH
0:52:16 – Drifting Clouds – SPACECRAFT



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DONATIONS to help us finance this circus 🙂

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  • Thank so much for the support ion this TC. Hope the family continues to feel better-

    • Great hearing your music and feedback Sean, thank you. Doing better every day!

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