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Scheduled Maintenance (updated)


Hi all,

Here’s to inform you that we’re scheduling maintenance for next week: September 4th 11th 2019.
Site affected: Ambient Zone main website + Membership platform + RSS feeds / access


Every now and then we are making small chances to our site, you won’t even notice it. This time is a bit different: we have scheduled the move of our entire site/platform to a new hosting provider. When all content has arrived on the new server, we need to install and execute several scripts as well. However, scripts can’t run without finishing the so called ‘Propagation Time’ for our domain Ambient Zone, the time that is needed for new Name Server settings to sync globally. This could take up to 24 hours, but we hope it’s all done within couple of hours. Unfortunately, we have not found another trustful method. We want to be absolutely sure everything still works after the move. It’s a bit more complicated than copy/paste !

You will notice that Ambient Zone at a certain point in time will show you a – blank page – including a notification about the maintenance. That’s when we can execute our things! After the installation, replacements, scripting etc. the site should come up again quickly.

We just want you to know that September 4th 11th is not a good day to go and checkout your Membership pages or the site in general! We are sorry for any inconvenience this might be causing. Then again, what’s one day in our Lives ? …. 😉

For me: it’s going to be a day filled with coffee, focus and fingers crossed!

~TC // admin //


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