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Sessions 019 // Christian Wittman

Back in Holland – this is a Sessions artist special! Featuring Christian Wittman, one of the founding members of the French band Lightwave – known for it’s electronic and ambient music since the 1980s. Christian is publishing his solo music productions, he has a Bandcamp page with over 50 releases. The genre is at the crossroads of ambient music and cinematic music, with a strong emphasis on sound design and atmospheres.

Good to be back in the studio, thank you all for your support and your wishes on my socials and through e-mail!  ~TC

Music in this episode comes from the albums:

* Windy Lands  (Jan. 2023)
* Music for Art Gallery 1  (Dec. 2022)
* Shadows of Fading Time  (May 2023)

All music available on Christian Wittman’s Bandcamp page:

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