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Spacemusic 12.15 “NONAME” – Just Listen!

Hope you’re well and ready for your musical treatment!
Today’s edition of the Spacemusic podcast is filled with positive energy ….

From Mediterranean Flamenco Guitar, to Groovy Beats, to Space Ambient and intriguing Acoustics. Everything is in there and we’re proud! Proud of all the artists that have shared their music with us. The quality is exceptional. And … all tracks in this episode are available on Bandcamp. That is 100% cool as you can download in CD quality if you want! See the tracklist and hit the links.

Featuring: Sherry Finzer, Chris Jacome, Thomas Lemmer, Liminal Drifter, Approaching Black ft. Avalon Mia, Off Land, Specta Ciera, Chronotope Project, Tauon, Igneous Flame, Ardley, Moonlooker, Jourdan Laik, Polar Moon, Andrew Heath.

Enjoy this collection of positive vibes and soothing tunes!

Big thanks to all artists and labels, joining us on our way through the ultimate music galaxy.
Special thanks to Heart Dance Records, Silk Music, Spotted Peccary Music, Sine-Music.

Have a wonderful listening experience and take good care!


0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 12.15 “NONAME”
0:00:57 – Mediterranean Meditations – SHERRY FINZER & CHRIS JÁCOME ( Heart Dance Records )
0:06:19 – Deep Space Slumber – DAEVINE
0:08:36 – Awakening (TAUON Remix) – THOMAS LEMMER ( Sine Music )
0:12:26 – Happy Garden of Life – LIMINAL DRIFTER
0:17:47 – Fade Away With You – APPROACHING BLACK ft. AVALON MIA. ( Silk Music )
0:20:11 – Passageway – OFF LAND & SPECTA CIERA  ( Fantasy Enhancing )
0:28:28 – Ovum – CHRONOTOPE PROJECT  ( Spotted Peccary Music )
0:31:16 – Flying – TAUON. ( Sine Music )
0:39:29 – Whole Body Breathing (heartbeat version) – IGNEOUS FLAME
0:40:30 – Dawn Hour – ARDLEY
0:42:58 – Fall up, Fall down – MOONLOOKER
0:46:49 – Snow – JOURDAN LAIK (pre-release!)
0:52:10 – Snow Angels – POLAR MOON ( Past Inside The Present )
0:54:03 – October – ARDLEY
0:56:28 – As Shadows Gather – ANDREW HEATH



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