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Spacemusic 12.16 “Probiotics” – Recipe Inside!


What a day for a podcast! Here’s our recipe filled with (by) ’Probiotics’ : the good bacteria our body’s need!

From Outer Space adventures to Meditation and Deep Resonating tracks – carefully selected, mixed and arranged in magical order that flows so natural. So much good music is made these days. See? These crazy times have also a very positive side effect! It’s important to be aware of this : thinking positive means staying positive in a world where anything is possible!

Starring: High on Isra, Erik Wøllo, Tauon, Blue is Nine, Ancient Astronaut, Jim Ottaway, Sverre Knut Johansen, Apollo North, Der Waldläufer, Thomas Lemmer, Venja, Jonn Serrie, James Murray, Francis M. Gri

Have a wonderful listening experience!


0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 12.16 “Probiotics”
0:07:49 – When We Collide (Der Waldläufer Remix) – HIGH ON ISRA
0:11:52 – Metaphor (Remaster) – ERIK WØLLO
0:16:42 – Satellite (Remaster) – ERIK WØLLO
0:19:33 – Blessed – TAUON
0:26:01 – Isle of Skye – BLUE IS NINE
0:27:56 – Gwada – ANCIENT ASTRONAUT
0:31:51 – Between Truth and Dreams – JIM OTTAWAY
0:37:01 – Tatra Mountains (Introduction) – SVERRE KNUT JOHANSEN
0:41:37 – Sync – APOLLO NORTH
0:44:22 – Apollo North – APOLLO NORTH
0:51:48 – Eclipse Illumina – DER WALDLÄUFER
0:55:58 – It’s Gonna Be Okay – THOMAS LEMMER
1:02:08 – Event Horizon – VENJA
1:04:11 – Slow Boat To Andromeda – JONN SERRIE
1:07:05 – Redux – JAMES MURRAY & FRANCIS M. GRI




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