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Spacemusic 12.19 “Time Capsule”, step in please!


This is October 🏝 … and while summer still continues on the island (6 months in a row now) here’s your upcoming Autumn booster!

Because our minds affect the mood we’re in, come and step into our Capsule. Tracks that come from the past and present : a miraculous blend of flavours that match and mix like a delicious menu. Let’s fly back and forth through the timeline and breathe in deeply…

Musical contributions to accompany this great flow of energy: Brannan Lane, Dino Pacifici, David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Confluent Phase, HUVA Network, Meg Bowles, Cell, Kevin Keller, Rudy Adrian, SonoFreq.

We bet this journey will generate feedback ….? Do feel free! Let your heart speak! 🧡

Big thanks to all artists and labels joining us today!
For optimal support: go and buy their original works.


0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 12.19 “Time Capsule”
0:07:15 – Fade to Black pt.4/5 – BRANNAN LANE
0:10:26 – The Sun Sets, The Garden Sleeps – DINO PACIFICI
0:14:05 – The Grasslands – DINO PACIFICI
0:19:54 – Through Tears – DAVID HELPLING, JON JENKINS
0:28:43 – Retrogression – CONFLUENT PHASE
0:33:29 – Orientations pt.3 – H.U.V.A. NETWORK
0:40:59 – Night walk Across The Isle of Dream – MEG BOWLES
0:44:32 – Audio Deepest Night – CELL
0:54:26 – Into The Light – KEVIN KELLER
0:57:55 – Through a Cave Into Another World – RUDY ADRIAN
1:01:32 – Clockwork – SONOFREQ




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    Amazing show and what a journey. Love the mix of “legacy”tracks and artists like Cell and HUVA network. Keep up the great work and hope your side of the planet finds needed relief from the summer heat.

  • Avatar

    We’re ready for this trip, let’s go !!!

  • TC

    Here goes comments. Test post. Feel free to add stuff! 🙂 How is the show?

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