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Spacemusic 12.20 “Unity 2020” , come closer!

Welcome to show number 20 in Season 12 – recorded for you to enjoy the max! Today’s recipe is simple: press play and don’t touch anything anymore, except for the ‘repeat’ button.

Brand new releases and some oldies but goodies, all mixed and matched for a super soothing listening experience that does include couple of beats to keep the blood pumping 🙂

Musical contributions by Lemmer & Pabst, Time Being, Miriam Stockley, David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Off land, Dino Pacifici, Xerxes, Andrew Heath, Off the Sky, D.P. Kaufman, Solar Fields.

Just before November starts we have launched our new social platform, you can join us on our new Discord server and chat, read, share, have a good time with Ambient Zone members, patrons, visitors, musicians, authors and more to come! An exclusive new-music channel, announcements, chill-out and latest label news. Simply follow our invite or type in: https://ambient.zone/discord and see you in a bit!


0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 12.20 “Unity 2020“
0:00:48 – Gebirgsbachtürkis – LEMMER & PABST
0:05:25 – Momentary Illusions – TIME BEING (voice over)
0:07:29 – Fantasy – MIRIAM STOCKLEY
0:10:40 – Not a Soul, Not a Sound – DAVID HELPLING, JON JENKINS
0:15:13 – Vernal Causality – OFF LAND (voice over)
0:18:05 – The Desert Cactus – DINO PACIFICI
0:22:53 – Floating – OFF LAND
0:26:13 – Can You See This? – XERXES
0:34:34 – A Notion of Being – TIME BEING
0:38:01 – Onbase Percentage – XERXES
0:41:12 – The Alchemist’s Muse – ANDREW HEATH
0:47:43 – Rare Decay – OFF THE SKY
0:50:29 – Listless is More – OFF THE SKY (voice over)
0:54:40 – Luminous – D.P. KAUFMAN
0:58:09 – Phase 1 – from the next end – SOLAR FIELDS




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