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Spacemusic 12.21 “Long Distance” – tune in!

Show for 2020-11-11 ▶️ This transmission hopefully arrives in time for your winter season ; we hope you’re looking forward to the end of 2020 a few weeks from now. Mostly enjoying the good things in life and not thinking too much about what can’t be.

It’s tough – for us as well. Christmas next month is going to be very, very different for all of us. Not the typical ‘driving home for Christmas’. So what do you do?

Here: radio & tv entertainment can become a life savier. Forget about -radio- call it a podcast! The Spacemusic podcast brings us the ultimate chill … the diversion we seek.

This episode is featuring: James Bernard, Daniel Coppens, Ambient Island, Biosphere, Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea, Leaving Richmond, Martin Nonstatic, Csillagköd, Yagya, Ben Blackett, Alpha Wave Movement, Jeff Greinke, Thomas Lemmer, Evenfall. Tracks from 1994-2020 – it’s all there!

And you? Any plans the upcoming weeks?

Come join us on our Discord server and chat about it. Post your moments in the chill-out channel, which is becoming an impressive collection of beautiful pictures. Words ain’t necessary!


0:00:00 – Welcome to Spacemusic 12.21 “Long Distance”
0:01:11 – Mars Rain – JAMES BERNARD
0:04:31 – Contrapposto – DANIEL COPPENS
0:10:33 – The Forest – AMBIENT ISLAND
0:15:20 – When I Leave – BIOSPHERE
0:21:28 – Silenzio Potente – DAWN CHORUS AND THE INFALLIBLE SEA
0:23:10 – Adherence – LEAVING RICHMOND
0:28:58 – Granite (James Murray RMX) – MARTIN NONSTATIC
0:30:58 – Transexistential Perspectives – CSILLAGKÖD
0:32:24 – We Lose Ourselves – YAGYA
0:40:26 – Dark Energy – BEN BLACKETT
0:43:42 – Architexture of Silence Movement V. – ALPHA WAVE MOVEMENT
0:53:49 – Night Watch – JEFF GREINKE ( voice over )
0:55:05 – Stay Calm – THOMAS LEMMER
0:57:51 – Monsoon Winds – EVENFALL




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