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Spacemusic 13.10 Cosmic Forces 💫

When everything comes together … the best music, greatest artists, sounds that impress, vibes that will last forever. Outstanding releases here! Welcome to your number one ambient station for a new adventurous Journey.

“Cosmic Forces” is a magical (deep) mix of ambient, downtempo, experimental, chill-out and space music. Today’s artists : Trajedesaliva, The Irresistible Force, Isostatic, Brannan Lane, Astropilot, Martin Stürtzer, Klangstein, Thomas Lemmer, Polar Moon, R1B2, Magnus Murel, Forest Robots.

Make sure to listen on a good sound system / use high quality headphones. There’s ingredients that you otherwise won’t hear or feel. The mix was created LIVE, transitions sometimes imperceptible, adding a new dimension. Think we’re allowed to say ;  show 13.10 is probably the best Spacemusic podcast episode you can imagine.

All tracks are available on Bandcamp, find the links in the shownotes and support the artists.
File under: Powerful Chillout – your BOOSTER when you need it.



0:00:00 – This is Spacemusic 13.10 “ Cosmic Forces ”
0:00:49 – Arenas Calientes – TRAJEDESALIVA
0:03:09 – Magic Acid – THE IRRESISTIBLE FORCE
0:09:25 – Mamá es un Animal Morado – TRAJEDESALIVA
0:12:28 – Cedar (#5E945A) – ISOSTATIC
0:16:49 – Wood Bark (#302621) – ISOSTATIC
0:22:22 – Ambient Float Tank – BRANNAN LANE
0:23:49 – Sanctum (Rabitza RMX) – ASTROPILOT
0:30:04 – Super Black Hole – MARTIN STÜRTZER
0:31:24 – Chacán – KLANGSTEIN
0:35:42 – Into a Distant Light – THOMAS LEMMER
0:39:40 – Ursa Minor (Carlos Ferreira rework) – POLAR MOON
0:42:35 – At The Edge of Feedback – R1B2
0:45:54 – A Moment in Time – MAGNUS MUREL
0:49:17 – The New Trigger pt.1 – ASTROPILOT & ZERO CULT
0:52:25 – In the Climb, not the Summit, lies the most Wisdom – FOREST ROBOTS




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