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Spacemusic 13.6 “The Caretaker”

Sometimes you’re a bit done … fed up or feeling no longer in-sync? Maybe the current world-wide situation is causing you to wake up in the middle of the night wishing that it was all a bad dream. Unfortunately. There’s no escape. Or?…

There is! And it’s called the Spacemusic podcast! Where listeners meet musicians, making wonderful things to dive into. Stuff that makes you feel better in an instant ; forget about the daily headlines for an hour, disconnect from social media, TV, radio and everything else that is poking 24/7 in the media simulation. Tune in today : The Caretaker will provide you with delicate sounds and ultimate listening pleasure.

Featuring Manne Skafvenstedt, Anne Cabrera, Nimanty, Jeff Greinke, Martin Stürtzer, Sacred Seeds, Hollan Holmes, Confluent Phase, Floatpoint, Sinius, Pat Keista, Forest Robots.

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March 30.
Expiry date: None.

Have a wonderful listening experience!
( .. in a full spectrum range 10 ~ 22.000Hz )



0:00:00 – This is Spacemusic 13.6 “ The Caretaker ”
0:00:51 – Overcast. It’s not the End – MANNE SKAFVENSTEDT
0:05:22 – Immortal – ANNE CABRERA
0:14:25 – Final Revelation – NIMANTY
0:17:10 – Across the Sky – JEFF GREINKE
0:22:30 – Warps – MARTIN STÜRTZER
0:30:16 – Eternity – SACRED SEEDS
0:36:28 – Impulse – HOLLAN HOLMES
0:42:48 – Solitude – CONFLUENT PHASE
0:53:30 – A Lone Conifer. A Barren Cliff – MANNE SKAFVENSTEDT
0:56:25 – Beam Error – FLOATPOINT
0:59:39 – Nothing to Fear but Fear itself – SINIUS
1:02:59 – Orchestras of Cygnus – PAT KEISTA
1:05:45 – We Only Die Once, but We Can Be Grateful Every New Day – FOREST ROBOTS




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