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Spacemusic 13.8 Far Out! ๐Ÿš€


Imagine โ€ฆ fresh air and energy for your mind, body and soul. You only need to press โ€˜playโ€™!

This new edition of the Spacemusic podcast is a blend of beats, ambient, uptempo, downtempo, vocals, instrumental music. Chances are this episode will shift your presence back and forth in time, travel light years away and yet find peace and confidence within yourself. Anything is possible, โ€™Far Outโ€™!

Look at the list for today: Nicholas Gunn, Gold Lounge, Manne Skafvenstedt, Jonathan E. Blake, Seifert & Steinbuechel, Dreamstate Logic, Rudy Adrian, Igneous Flame, R1B2, Andrew Heath, Anne Chris Bakker.

We play with tracks and albums in search of the perfect blend, causing a wonderful listening experience. Hopefully it will give this podcast a cool place on your systems / devices.

โœ… Special attention for my new project: everyone can help!
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0:00:00 – This is Spacemusic 13.8 โ€œ Far Out! โ€
0:00:48 – Angelsย – NICHOLAS GUNN ft. ALINA RENAE
0:05:02 – Skyโ€™s the Limit – GOLD LOUNGE
0:11:01 – Continuum, itโ€™s up to you – MANNE SKAFVENSTEDT
0:12:13 – Naravala – JONATHAN E. BLAKE
0:15:05 – Astronomical Distance 1 – SEIFERT & STEINBUECHEL
0:19:40 – Kolmanskop, Nimibia – SEIFERT & STEINBUECHGEL
0:22:09 – Ancient Wisdom – DREAMSTATE LOGIC
0:25:02 – Kelial – JONATHAN E. BLAKE
0:28:05 – Faaris – JONATHAN E. BLAKE
0:32:07 – Neutral Density – SEIFERT & STEINBUECHEL
0:35:58 – Night Becomes Dawn – RUDY ADRIAN
0:38:30 – Moonlit Beach (for Jeff) – RUDY ADRIAN
0:42:41 – Incandescent Arc – IGNEOUS FLAME
0:50:18 – You Are Beautiful – R1B2
0:52:33 – How to Breathe like a Stone (and disappear) – A. HEATH & A. C. BAKKER




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