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Spacemusic: the dimension we’re looking for!

– As a member of Spacemusic for quite a few years now I must share that the entire experience is just expanding beyond expectations for every new release – 

by: David Grossman

The integration of current space related events such as SpaceX and the mind expanding explorations such as the Alan Watts mixes have added more dimensions to an already multi-dimensional sensory experience. 

One key aspect to each of these highly creative and well designed programs is the discovery of artists ; some new and many just not easy to be aware of considering the breadth of all the available music out there. I believe it is imperative that the distributors (stores, labels) be made aware that we discover our music on Spacemusic podcasts and that TC always points to how important it is to support artists and labels not just for enjoyment but to keep the industry alive and vibrant. 

” Spacemusic adds for me a dimension that goes to the experience and motivates me to go out and buy the music for my collection”

Meanwhile, I discovered that each purchase (on Bandcamp for example) provides a “comment” dialog box and I always make it a point to clearly state that Spacemusic and TC were the inspiration for the purchase; that is my way to payback and add Ambient Zone/ Spacemusic clearly to the value chain.

If we all did that I believe it will accrue and be noticed. I would trust that we can do this right now. Noticed by labels / artists means we get more voyages, journeys and a more predictable future for Spacemusic podcasts!

Below is my screenshot of the simple sentence I add to all purchases for reference.

Let’s Give Some Credit to the Captain!

– David Grossman, Seattle WA


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