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SUBMITTING YOUR MUSIC — Since 2020 the world has experienced strange, difficult, dark and crazy times. Musicians have been ‘locked-down’ like every other human being and have created a lot of music. Oh yes! Several albums that were made during that time still find their way to our inbox and artists ask me to listen and consider airplay on the show.

There are certainly fantastic albums out there and they sound professional and full of hope with a lot of ‘light’ in it! ✨There’s also a lot of albums that sound rather dark. Dark ambient, dark times, uncertainty, sad feelings and quite a few of them are not about the light whatsoever. Forgive me for saying what I’m about to say and I hope you do understand:

The dark music that reaches us – the deep down sad drone dark ambient – will not make it to the show. This has nothing to do with your skills or your music production itself. It’s about the choices I make: I want to play music in the podcast that is about Light, Positive thinking, Hope, Good Energy & Love.

Sound explorations and ambient experiments that make us feel curious, SPACE and intrigued. Sometimes mystique, sometimes a bit random, but always a useful guide. Music about new times, better times, new initiatives, opportunities, beautiful themes and wonderful spacescapes ????

Music that reflects such themes can count on a high ranking and big chance it will be featured on the podcast! After 3 years of difficult times and the unthinkable worldly situation, I feel it’s time to put that period into the archives. Never to be forgotten of course (!) but not to be played and replayed time after time on the podcast. We’re ready for the NEW!

I hope this decision makes sense to you. At least I hope! Feel free and share your new tracks / upcoming releases with me in the Ambient Zone???????? I’m more than happy to check it and who knows … I can feature you!! ☀️ ???? ✨


▶️ https://ambient.zone/submit 

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