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Tape: Ambient Nights

Get ready for a TAPE experience! 😎 and go back to the 90’s. Today’s session is coming from a tape recorded in August 1997 using 3 CD players, a mixer/FX device and a tape deck. There might even be some vinyl there … Some of the music is from 1992, that is indeed 27 years ago 💫

All was recorded LIVE, no editing on the computer. A little gain/compression has been added in the final stage just before publishing, to meet your ears and modern hifi sets  It has never been released on a podcast before. It’s a wonderful mixture of tracks.

Ft. SETI, James Bernard, Human Beings, Beaumont Hannant, Pete Namlook, Atom TM, Higher Intelligence Agency and some unknown stuff 

► Show also available as a download on our Patreon page and Ambient Zone member’s HUB.



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