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The World as we knew it

If we (Ambient Zone) are affected by the news and current situation maybe?

Well, there is a moment in time when it all gets a bit too much I guess. And that moment … is here. Can’t deny that.

Reading the news this morning, they’re taking episodes of Fawlty Towers off the screen, statues of leaders and explorers taken down, thousands of people in the streets, white people being asked to kneel and apologize …

I’m glad there is an Ambient Zone, I’m glad there is Spacemusic. So I can be busy with more interesting things like new releases, musicians projects, mixing great tunes and deliver fantastic podcasts!

But meanwhile, the World as we knew it, is not here anymore. But what’s it like out there?

Literally, there is a time BEFORE Corona and AFTER Corona. Everything I know and everything that has formed me into the person that I am today, is slowly but surely ripped away by a movement. In other words: they’re destroying my past, my childhood, my memories and they try to take the present too. Having experienced my past makes me a racist now? You’ve got to be kidding me!

I grew up with series like Fawlty Towers, I grew up with Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet – a Dutch feast for children (and adults!) which has never been about any form of racism but purely about tradition. I grew up with history lessons, the teacher explained us what exactly happened in the past and why. So we could learn from it. We understood that lots of facts in the past really belong to the past! As people we learn. We move on. We evolve. Some later than others.

And now this BLM movement tries to rewind, change history and keeps screaming and shouting about it and that we ‘white people’ should apologize and kneel ?….. Who do you think you are? God?

Unfortunately, we noticed a musician – known from our podcasts – sharing a Thank You on social media for buying his music and that the money raised would go to the BLM organization. Well, this musician will not be part of our track lists anymore. But we won’t remove older episodes that feature his tracks. We’re not like that. That’s the big difference.

We are absolutely no fan of the movement and what it causes.
And more importantly: what it wants us to believe and wants us to do.

We are all human. We all decide. We can do things with passion and joy.
No one – NO ONE – can stop that or take it down. No matter what color we are.

Don’t you ever forget that!


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