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TV: big data

Gb’s of data … that is what ‘video’ means. There used to be a time called ‘HD’. But now we have bigger things …

Bigger files, more data, hard work for the machines in the studio. At the moment the display in the studio shows an air temperature of 30.3 Celsius (86.5F), just installed an extra fan for some more air flow. Unfortunately, switching on the AC every time is not so wallet friendly. Fingers crossed for all equipment … able to deal with the circumstances as they have now become part of Ambient Zone TV productions.

To illustrate: the iMac 27 inch is exporting a short movie file, total playtime of app. 3 minutes. It’s taking roughly one hour (!) to process. It’s because the output will be 2.7K video in pretty high bitrates. Ambient Zone TV will feature not only ‘HD’ but 2.7K as well (1440p / 60fps)

So the good news is: we are planning the launch of our channel within one week from now. First up: Snorkel TV |  2.7K format.

The ‘less good news’: the 4K video format needs another workflow that we still need to look into/decide. The current Mac/processor is hardly able to process such high demanding footage in a pleasant way. Pleasant as in ” acceptable ” for both machine and pilot without the risk of overloading our 8-year old Intel Core i5.

More news soon.

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