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YouTube: How We Create Spacemusic – part 2

Here we are!. .. Second episode of a series that introduces you to TC’s World: creating the Spacemusic podcast for thousands of listeners online! In the electronic music genre _ Spacemusic _ was the very first podcast, letting the music flow like it was meant to flow and treating the audience with live soundseeing, soundscapes, […]

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Youtube: How we create Spacemusic (part1)

Hooray!!!! 🤓 Today is exactly 15 years since the very first Spacemusic podcast episode was published. It came from a small studio, 9th floor in Rotterdam, Holland. TC decided to share his passion for electronic music via a new type of media: the podcast. Inspired by Adam Curry’s ‘Daily Source Code’ it was really becoming […]

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TV: big data

Gb’s of data … that is what ‘video’ means. There used to be a time called ‘HD’. But now we have bigger things … Bigger files, more data, hard work for the machines in the studio. At the moment the display in the studio shows an air temperature of 30.3 Celsius (86.5F), just installed an […]

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