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Winter is here … TC in the rain!

Welcome to episode 20 in season 11 of Spacemusic!

We have some fantastic music to share; the latest new release “Woodlands” by Rudy Adrian for example (Spotted Peccary Music) …. wow! Once you hit ‘play’ you can’t stop listening! Definitely part of our personal Ambient Top 10 for 2019.

But there’s more: Ishq, Jarguna, Kelly David, Sean Curtis Patrick, Jonn Serrie, Ludvig Cimbrelius, they all are now part of our Journey called ‘Thermosphere’. Big Thanks to Spotted Peccary Music, Projekt Records, Past Inside The Present and all artists on the Thermosphere Journey 💫

Available for memberspatrons, and also via iTunes free subscription (96Kbps) and Mixcloud streaming (soon).



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