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Dear Spacemusic listener,

I’m TC – founder of ‘Ambient Zone’ and both creator and host of the Spacemusic podcast. Hugely proud of what we’ve achieved together so far in the A-Zone! The feedback has been amazing, the vibe is alive!

Spacemusic’ has been online since 2005 with many listeners world wide, and I am thrilled to see that both listeners and artists are as excited as I am. ‘Spacemusic’ promotes ambient and electronic music, beautifully mixed with a magical flow for everyone to enjoy, relax to and be inspired by!

Over the years Ambient Zone has become a fully listenersupported station with it’s own dedicated members platform on our website: fast navigation through the seasons, available in high quality audio formats, including the Nonstop® Edition, providing private RSS feeds.

However, Ambient Zone needs you! We have fantastic plans for the future of Ambient Zone but we can’t run before we can walk.

You may be listening free to the Spacemusic podcast? Or streaming the shows from our Mixcloud page? Great! Welcome! But, have you considered joining a paid listening plan?

As previously mentioned, everything I do is listener supported through these Patreon and Membership plans. So allow me to take this opportunity and reach out to you all.

How can you help?

Become a member. It’s a great way to enjoy what ‘Ambient Zone’ does and a big ‘Thank you for what you do’. It helps make sure that I, TC, can carry on doing this. It’s my job!

Then there’s the Patreon page which allows you to directly support ‘Ambient Zone’. Listen to all Spacemusic podcasts with various levels starting at just $2 a month in the full knowledge that you are helping to push us forward with ever new music and artists.

So please consider choosing one of these and in return, get the best content delivered to your device. Not only do you get a better service, but ‘Ambient Zone’ continues and grows because of it! And, TC gets to pay his electricity bill!

Amazing artists, super cool music. ‘Ambient Zone’ wants to expand the podcasts on YouTube as well … but first things first. We believe we are the best podcast that delivers amazing music and artist showcases out there! Let’s keep this station up in the air. United we stand! …

Subscribe today and have the chance to win a fantastic and original Spacemusic Podcast T-shirt! ☀️ Perfect for the Summer! And a great way to show you’re an Official Supporter of the No.1 electronica podcast station! 👍

Ready for it?
Follow the links and enjoy the show!


~Cyril (TC)


👕 T-shirt winners will be announced / tagged on our Insta news feed 💡Follow us. Don’t miss out! 

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